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Hi you have found the website for Logodiscs at logodiscs.com . My company is Cherry Hill Tech and I make Logodiscs in the small City of Falls Church in Virginia. These are 3D printed refrigerator magnets for small businesses and organizations. Email me at info@logodiscs.com to get started!

“Every time your customers open their fridge they will be reminded to come visit you again! “

– overheard

What are Logodiscs?

These custom logo refrigerator magnets are very special. There is something permanent about a high quality item like this. It will stay on your customers refrigerator forever because, being 3D printed in color, it is a unique conversation piece. The goal of this product is to remain visible and in front of your customer every day.

Here are a few ways you, as a small businesses owner, can benefit from using Logodiscs to increase brand awareness, and help sales:

  • Promotional free item
  • Gift basket item
  • Point of sale small impulse purchase
  • Event giveaway
  • Annual loyalty reward item

How do I get started?

I will create a prototype for you free of charge. You can then order that or alter it. I will work with you to design, manufacture, and deliver a quality 3D Printed magnet that you like!

Decide roughly what image or logo you want to use and the text that surrounds it. Think about the following:

  • Phone number to use
  • URL to use
  • Simple logo or image that goes in the middle
  • Company Name
  • Phrase or subtext
  • Colors choices
  • Is there a 3D object to use instead of an image (like the dog one)

Usually a phone number is included, and maybe also a website url if it fits. Think about the colors you want to use. You can choose a base color for the disk, which is usually white, and then up to four more colors, for total of five. Or you might want a mix of colors and just one color on the base.

How much do they cost?

The medium size logodisc is 69mm in diameter which is usually a good enough size to fit the name of your business, a small graphic, and a phone number. This is more common design. The price for this design is $2.50 each with a minimum order of 100, so $250 total. I call this a Class B style.

This is example of a Class B style, with a size of 69mm, and three colors (white, blue, light blue), although up to four colors could have been used.

This is also a class B design of 69mm with four colors (bright green, pink, white, black).

Another class B design style is a smaller Logodisc of only 50mm but with an interesting 3D object that sticks out a bit in the middle! This uses four color (green, white, light brown, and black (eyes).

If you only need two colors the price is $2.00 each or $200 total. This is an example of a class A style with a size of 69mm and two colors. With two colors you also have the flexibility to mix and match color combinations and get several combinations which can be interesting.

Sometimes five colors, and/or a slightly larger size makes sense to fit everything for more details. This is generally a Class C type design. Here is a larger Logodisc at 73mm with five colors (gray, red, white, blue, and dark gray). These are Class C at $2.75 each or $275 for 100 quantity,

Other sizes and design patterns are also possible but would need to be priced accordingly. For example, something 69mm (or larger) with a 3D object and five colors is going a custom quote because the print time and complexity can vary dramatically.

Let me work with you to create a beautiful colorful design from your logo, business card, or website graphic. Designs can include up to five different colors! I have over 50 filament color rolls in stock with a color palette of swatches that you can look over to make sure you approve of the color selections. Having the right colors is important to your brand.

There is an exposed rare earth 10x3mm strong magnet on the back for strength, as this is a functional item, along with the text logodiscs.com so people know who made these.

Logodiscs are printed on high quality Prusa 3D printers with the a color changer in high detail. I have several of these setup and can turn around an order in less than a week.

Email me to discuss at info@logodiscs.com

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